Free Date Night!
August 14, 2019
We want to give you a free date night! Specifically, we want to give you a $25 gift card to Olive Garden and a $25 gift card to Fandango.

How to enter?

1. Comment below with your name and relationship status.
2. Name one thing you've learned from the podcast.
3. Name one relationship topic that's not talked about enough?

We'll do a random drawing of the winner by 9/15/2019!
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Abigail Alexander

Abigail Alexander - Married

One thing I learned is what causes a lot of frustration is unmet expectations.

So far I've found a lot of info on the common marriage topics however what I don't see often is from different perspectives. Everyone may be in different seasons of marriage. Having more topics that include perspective when one spouse is taking the step for improving alone.

Michelle Gant

1. Michelle Gant & Dominique Kelly
2. Engage
3. The different love languages showing each other different ways in showing love not only through intimacy but gestures
4.overcoming generational curses. For example I come from a broken home how would I not bring what was looked at in the past to the future in preventing a broken home in a new marriage?

LaShaude James

Congratulations on the engagement!

The love languages episodes were very fun to record and study.

Overcoming generational curses is very important. I believe a lot of families especially black families have very poor ideas of marriage and faithfulness. Some families don't have a model to follow. It's important that we allow God to reshape the way we think about relationships and marriage. Then we have to allow him to empower us to live out these new convictions. I think you're taking the first step in overcoming generational curses by devoting yourself to studying marriage and listening to podcasts that encourages good marital habits.

We may do an episode on this sometime soon because this is a good topic that most people need to hear about.

Ree Jones

1. Ree Jones

2. We love how you have family core values and have developed our own and started using them with our kids in conversations!

3. Intimacy

LaShaude James

Welcome, Ree Jones!

Congratulations on those core values! Care to share 1 or 2 with us?

Also, what do you mean by "intimatcy"? In order for us to do an episode on it we'll need some clarification.

Ivana Grant

Ivana Grant


We learned the importance of a family mission statement.

Sex issues, when you’re not hot and bothered....

LaShaude James

What's up Ivana! I agree the Family Mission and Vision Statements are KEY!

Did you come up with one as a family? How long have yall been married?

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